You’re In Luck – Nassau County Grievance Deadline Extended to March 18, 2024

The powers that be in Nassau County have done its residents a favor by extending the annual deadline to file a property tax grievance to March 18, 2024. (Before this extension was granted, the deadline for challenging one’s 2025/26 assessment was March 1st).

Having an extra 18 days to file a grievance gives homeowners some much needed time to decide whether to grieve and how to do it. For those on the fence, or for those who have never grieved their assessments, Maidenbaum would like to provide 5 great reasons to do so:

Reason 1: Grieving is a precious right that every Nassau County homeowner can (and should) exercise.
Just as the right of appeal is enshrined in our legal system, the right to grieve your property tax assessment can (and should) be exercised by each and every homeowner in Nassau County. Challenging your assessment, otherwise known as “grieving” — either on your own or with the aid of a professional property tax grievance representative such as Maidenbaum — gives you an opportunity to gather relevant facts and make your case that the County’s assessment of your residential property needs to be reduced. Remember: just because the County’s Department of Assessment estimates that your property is worth a certain value doesn’t mean that this value necessarily agrees with the actual market value of your home!

Reason 2: Not filing a grievance practically guarantees that your School and General taxes will increase.
Nassau County homeowners bear a heavy property tax burden. Nassau County — with a median property tax exceeding $10,000 — is one of the most expensive counties in the U.S. to live in. Worse, these taxes predictably rise each year (a fact you can verify for yourself by going to, entering a property, and checking its “General and School Taxes”).  School taxes represent about 65 percent of this burden, and school budgets tend to grow each year. (You can determine how much the budget in your own school district increased in 2023 by visiting the web page at:

Filing a grievance is the best way to prevent being forced to shoulder an unfairly large share of the tax burden caused by School and General taxes.

Reason 3: Challenging your assessment pays and it’s risk-free.
Newsday reported that nearly three-quarters of Nassau County homeowners who filed property tax grievances received reductions for 2022/23. In other words, the odds that your grievance will result in a reduction of your property tax burden are quite good, and even higher if you select Maidenbaum as your representative. Furthermore, there’s no downside risk to challenging your assessment. Unlike some other states, in New York State there is zero chance that your assessment will increase as a result of your challenge.

Reason 4: Grieving each and every year is a smart strategy.
Just because a challenge fails in one tax year doesn’t mean it won’t succeed in the next one. We’ve been helping Nassau County homeowners reduce their tax bills for nearly 35 years and can tell you that consecutive reductions are common. Think of an individual grievance as a “course correction” in a multi-year voyage whose aim is to bring your home’s listed fair market value closer to reality. Repeated, consistent grieving “fine tunes” this process so that these two values ultimately converge in a single number that satisfies both parties – yourself and Nassau County.

Grieving your property tax assessment each and every year is a smart move. If you do not challenge, your taxable assessment and/or the School and General tax rates may increase, and you will see an increase in your property taxes. Irrespective of your results for any given tax year, there’s no downside to grieving them for the next successive tax year.

Reason 5: Grieving your assessment takes just a few minutes of your time.
If you’ve never grieved your Nassau County property taxes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that doing so — with the help of an expert tax reduction company such as Maidenbaum – doesn’t take long. Just take a few minutes to complete the authorization request form on our website, and we’ll take it from there. Maidenbaum won’t charge you any fees associated with this process unless we are able to secure you a reduction. We’ll stay in touch with you to update you as your tax grievance makes its way through Nassau County’s property tax system.

We sincerely hope that you’ll choose Maidenbaum to represent you for the 2025/26 tax year. If you’d like to sign up or simply learn more about how the process works, please contact us today via our website or by phone at 516-336-8622.