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Make Your Money Go Further This Summer

Inflation – that silent, stealthy robber of wealth – is still a problem for the U.S. economy and it’s likely a problem for many Nassau County residents as well. According to the Consumer Price Index maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for a broad range of goods increased 0.3 percent in April… Read more »

Fun Things Happening on Long Island in May 2024

Spring has Sprung! Let’s celebrate the fact that the 2025/26 property tax grievance filing season is behind us and think about getting out and about in the bright, balmy weather! There are plenty of fun, affordable, family-oriented events and festivals happening on Long Island in May; here are a bunch to get you started: May… Read more »

Did You File Your 2025/26 Property Tax Grievance? If So, What Comes Next?

The March 18, 2024 deadline for filing property tax grievances in Nassau County for the 2025/26 tax season has come and gone. Hopefully, you’ve submitted yours. If you’ve filed on time, congratulations! As we’re all aware, Nassau County ranks among the highest taxed counties in the nation and you’ve taken meaningful steps to reduce your… Read more »

You’re In Luck – Nassau County Grievance Deadline Extended to March 18, 2024

The powers that be in Nassau County have done its residents a favor by extending the annual deadline to file a property tax grievance to March 18, 2024. (Before this extension was granted, the deadline for challenging one’s 2025/26 assessment was March 1st). Having an extra 18 days to file a grievance gives homeowners some… Read more »

Looking Ahead to 2024 in Nassau County

We hope you and your family had a joyous holiday season, and we wish you the best for 2024. In this article, we’ll give you a quick look back at 2023, and provide you with a heads-up about things that will happen in early 2024 that you should know about and act upon. Looking Back… Read more »

Nassau County Property Tax Exemptions – How Much Can They Help You Save This Tax Season?

Thousands of homeowners in Nassau County – especially the elderly and those with low to moderate incomes – are struggling with Nassau County’s high cost of home ownership, which is among the highest in the nation. Fortunately, the law provides seniors – and people with disabilities – a chance to reduce their tax bills by… Read more »

2023 School Tax Season Is Here

October is a beautiful, colorful month here in the Northeast, but also a month of reckoning for Nassau County homeowners, because it’s when they receive their 1st Half School Tax bills for the 2023/24 tax year. Getting one of these bills can be a bit of a shock, because School Taxes represent such a big… Read more »

The Nassau County 2025/26 Property Tax Season Has Begun

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the joys of the Fall season. We’ve had a busy summer here at Maidenbaum, getting everything ready so that we’re fully prepared to handle your property tax grievance for 2025/26. (BTW it’s now well past September 1st– which means you’re in the clear… Read more »

August 2023 Nassau County Property Tax Update

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer 2023 and are enjoying August’s balmy weather while it lasts. (By the way, if you’re looking for something fun to do during Summer’s remaining days, please read our two recent blog articles: It’s Time for Summer Fun on Long Island! and Exploring Long Island’s Unique Wildlife Preserves). Because… Read more »

Exploring Long Island’s Unique Wildlife Preserves

Long Island has a rich and diverse population of wildlife and is home to some great wildlife preserves where you can enjoy the wonders of nature without venturing too far from home. Here are some peaceful places on our wonderful island where you and your family can experience nature this summer without traveling too far… Read more »

It’s Time for Summer Fun on Long Island!

With Summer 2023 upon us (and the 2024/25 tax grievance filing season concluded), it’s time to look at some of the great ways you can enjoy yourself here on Long Island in the next few months. You can have tons of fun on our beautiful island even if you’re on a tight budget; while not… Read more »

You’ve Filed Your Property Tax Grievance – What Will Happen Next?

Bravo! You’ve filed your 2024/25 tax grievance in a timely fashion. Good for you – you’ve taken the first step to protect your rights as a Nassau County homeowner. “What’s next?” is a natural question to ask at this point. When will you learn about the status of your grievance? What impact will any reduction… Read more »

There’s Still Time to Save on Your 2024/25 Property Taxes

Your friends at Maidenbaum hope you’ve enjoyed the mild winter. As we head into spring, we head towards the deadline to file a grievance to challenge your 2024/25 property tax assessment. As you probably know, what we call “the property tax grievance season” began in September and will conclude on the extended deadline of April… Read more »

It’s January – the Start of Tax Grievance Filing Season in Nassau County

Happy New Year from your friends at Maidenbaum! January is here, which means it’s time to start filing Nassau County property tax grievances. Think of the next two months as a precious window of opportunity to challenge your property tax assessment beginning on 01/03/23 and ending on 04/03/23. It’s a brand-new year and far too… Read more »

Important Info About the Upcoming 2024/25 Notice of Tentative Assessment

As 2022 yields to 2023, we at Maidenbaum want to wish you and yours a warm and happy Holiday Season and great New Year. We’d also like to take this opportunity to advise you about a notice you will soon receive by mail from the Nassau County Department of Assessment in January 2023: your property’s… Read more »

Taking Full Advantage of Nassau County’s Property Tax Exemption Programs

Thanks to high property taxes and rising inflation rates, the total cost of homeownership is higher than ever in Nassau County, making it difficult for many homeowners – especially the elderly and those with low to moderate incomes – to balance budgets. Fortunately, there are exemptions provided by New York State and Nassau County that… Read more »

2022 School Tax Season Has Arrived

October is here — the season for glorious Fall foliage in the Northeast but also the nerve-racking season when Nassau County homeowners receive their 1st Half School Tax bills. Here we provide a reminder that these bills are coming, along with news about other important developments that may affect your property tax bill for better… Read more »

September 2022 Property Tax Update

We hope you’ve had a great Summer 2022 and are welcoming the cooler weather that’s just ahead. We’d like to use this opportunity to apprise you of recent developments in the world of property taxes in Nassau County. Also, September 1st is the time of year when Nassau County homeowners can begin authorizing Maidenbaum to… Read more »

Making the Most of (What’s Left of) Summer 2022

We hope you’re having a fabulous Summer 2022 on Long Island. We also hope that inflation isn’t getting you down (if it is, please check out our recent article, Doing Your Part to Fight Inflation This Summer, on the Maidenbaum blog). Time tends to fly at this time of year, but you can still pack… Read more »

Doing Your Part to Fight Inflation This Summer

Inflation is looming its ugly head this summer in the form of higher prices for a broad range of consumer goods, including energy, food, and shelter. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 1.0 percent in May on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising… Read more »