The Nassau County 2025/26 Property Tax Season Has Begun

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the joys of the Fall season.

We’ve had a busy summer here at Maidenbaum, getting everything ready so that we’re fully prepared to handle your property tax grievance for 2025/26. (BTW it’s now well past September 1st– which means you’re in the clear to authorize Maidenbaum to represent you in your tax challenge – just click here to get started).

You may have noticed that we’ve refreshed our website over the summer with an updated Tax Calendar page, an updated Incorporated Village Tax Grievance page, and an updated City Tax Grievances for Long Beach and Glen Cove page. Along with these updates, we’ve changed our tagline from “more than 30 years of success” to “~35 years of success.”

Why is this latter change important? Because it stresses the fact that while there are dozens of tax challenge companies out there vying for your business, Maidenbaum is the only company that’s had an ever-growing client base for 35 years in Nassau County. Our successful challenges have resulted in millions of dollars of property tax savings for our clients, and our experience, expertise, and proven record distinguishes us from competitors.

Please keep this in mind as you evaluate which firm to choose to represent you in your own tax challenge.

Property Taxes and Nassau County Finances in the News

While this past summer saw no earth-shattering news on the property tax front, there was some news concerning Nassau County’s general financial condition, which has steadily improved over the past several years thanks to increased federal aid, refinancing of the County’s debt, and rising sales tax revenues. In a July 3rd Newsday article, Nassau County Comptroller Elaine Phillips was quoted as saying that the County “is in the best fiscal condition it’s ever been in… sales tax continues to be a driver of Nassau County’s revenues, and it continues to increase every year.”

The fact that the County’s finances are under control is good news for the homeowner because it should limit the County’s need to raise property taxes further, at least for the time being. However, there is no guaranty.

An additional, lengthy article, entitled “Feeling the Squeeze: Taxes on Long Island making homeownership unaffordable for many,” published on August 1st, recounted the extreme difficulties that Long Island homeowners, particularly seniors, face when grappling with property tax bills that regularly exceed $10,000 per year. Even in cases where mortgages have been fully paid off, high property taxes are forcing many seniors to think hard about whether they can remain in their homes.

This article also highlighted the importance of grieving one’s property tax assessment each year, quoting one Nassau County senior as saying that she grieves her taxes “religiously” each year. In our view, this resident is absolutely correct – grieving your assessment each and every year is the best way to maximally reduce your property taxes.  The article also makes clear that Nassau County homeowners – seniors included – need to take full advantage of the various exemption programs afforded to them. Please read our article, Taking Full Advantage of Nassau County’s Property Tax Exemption Programs, to make sure you’re included in these programs if you qualify.

Let Maidenbaum Handle Your 2025/26 Tax Challenge

Grieving your assessment is a right granted to every Nassau County homeowner and it’s always prudent to exercise it. Remember – there’s zero downside to grieving. There’s no chance that the County will increase your property’s assessment simply because you filed a grievance. Filing a property tax grievance has only two possible results: either a reduced assessment or an assessment that stays the same.

We hope that you’ll choose Maidenbaum to represent you for the 2025/26 tax year. If you’d like to sign up or simply learn more about how the process works, please contact us today via our website or by phone at 516-336-8622. Don’t miss out on your chance to save!