City Tax Grievances for Long Beach and Glen Cove, New York

In Nassau County, only two localities have “City” taxes: Long Beach and Glen Cove. These two cities do not follow the County’s roll and conduct their own assessments (Assessing Unit). If your property is located within one of the cities, you will have to comply with its unique deadlines to file a grievance to challenge your City tax assessment. The exact deadline in the grievance month is the 3rd Tuesday of that month. The petition deadline is the last day of the petition month.


Assessing Unit

Grievance Month

Petition Month

Glen Cove




Long Beach





Maidenbaum has represented many homeowners in Long Beach and Glen Cove, is fully familiar with the special requirements of their assessing departments and has a history of success grieving both City tax assessments.  If you would like us to file a City grievance on your behalf, please make sure to submit your signed authorization form at least three (3) weeks prior to the grievance deadline, so that we can analyze and determine if you have a meritorious case for reduction.  Let Maidenbaum’s expertise work for you.