There’s Still Time to Save on Your 2024/25 Property Taxes

Your friends at Maidenbaum hope you’ve enjoyed the mild winter. As we head into spring, we head towards the deadline to file a grievance to challenge your 2024/25 property tax assessment.

As you probably know, what we call “the property tax grievance season” began in September and will conclude on the extended deadline of April 3rd. There is no time to waste – April 3rd is right around the corner and if you miss the deadline, there is no second chance.

Affordability, Crime, and Tax Concerns Dominate

Whether or not a serious recession materializes in 2023, Nassau County residents face a growing set of serious concerns as the year unfolds.  Chief among them is the general issue of affordability, with rising consumer prices and interest rates threatening to make home ownership more expensive than it already is. Other big concerns relate to residential home value (with some predicting a softening of the residential real estate market in 2023), and crime (in 2022, major crimes increased by 41 percent in Nassau County).

And of course, there are big concerns about property taxes (Nassau County continues to rank among the highest-taxed counties in the U.S.). In Washington, it appears that there is no appetite for restoring SALT, a longstanding provision of the tax law that allowed homeowners to deduct state and local tax payments from their property tax bills. (In 2017, SALT was capped at $10K, and this cap will likely remain intact until 2025, when the cap expires.)

Every penny counts these days, and filing a property tax grievance is a smart way to bite back at the growing cost of home ownership here in Nassau County (and Maidenbaum’s tax pros are here to get the maximum reduction permitted by law).

Maidenbaum Has Your Back in 2023!

While we lack a crystal ball foretelling exactly how this year will develop, it’s crystal clear to us that you should grieve your assessment when given the opportunity. Errors in the complex assessment process can crop up for all kinds of reasons, and challenging your assessment is one of the main ways of correcting those errors.

Grieving your assessment is a right granted to every Nassau County homeowner and it’s prudent to exercise it. Please remember – there’s zero downside to grieving. There’s no chance that the County will increase your property’s assessment simply because you filed a grievance. Filing a property tax grievance will only have two possible results: a reduced assessment or an assessment that stays the same.

We hope that you’ll choose Maidenbaum to represent you for the 2024/25 tax year. If you’d like to sign up or simply learn more about how the process works, please contact us today via our website or by phone at 516-336-8622. Don’t miss out on your chance to save!