“I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful calendar you put in today’s Newsday. It is lovely and I thank you for it. You guys always do a great job. I am happy with all your service.”

Faye R.

“Received my New Reduction letter from your office today. Once again we are sending you a big THANK YOU for all your hard work. We will now have a more realistic home value… Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to all at your firm. 😍”

Mary H.

“Thank you so much for this update. You guys are the best. I’ve recommended you many times.”

Rochelle D.

“Thank you for your informative e mail.”

Robert S.

(In response to COVID-19) “I’m doing well & am counting my blessings for that. Everyone though cannot say that. Thank you for asking & as far as my taxes, I’m in GREAT HANDS. Everyone at Maidenbaum be safe & enjoy the holidays as best as possible. Thank you again.”

Jim A.

“I really appreciate what a pleasure you guys are to do business with.  Sadly, there’s not enough businesses where I can walk away saying that these days.  There’s not that many businesses I can confidently recommend to others, but yours is one of them.”

Michael K.

“I would just like to thank you for your wonderful service and follow up. I am not accustomed to dealing with someone like you these days. I feel that I am in excellent hands doing business with Maidenbaum. I can’t wait to recommend you to my friends and neighbors and Nassau County. Good luck to you and God bless.”

Larry S.

“Just wanted to thank you for sending this, as well as our conversation earlier today. … Apologies for the confusion, and once again many thanks for your thorough explanation. My wife & I appreciate your continued service!”

Gerard M.

“I really do APPRECIATE all your firm has done for me. No way I could make sense of these things or do it right. I want the people who know what they are doing handling it…YOU. Thanks again.”

Jim A.

“A few years ago, I tried twice to appeal my taxes through the online system, and of course, I failed each time. So I signed on with Maidenbaum, and you were successful that first year and every year after that. My one regret is that I could have saved lots of money if I had signed on with Maidenbaum sooner. Maidenbaum does a great job!”

Ray G.

We have used Maidenbaum for years. If you aren’t, they are an excellent firm.

Linda M.

Maidenbaum is great.

Regina W.

I love Maidenbaum. I feel they are the best around.

Arleen O.

Great company.

Mark M.

I’ve been using them for years. I’ve even given their number to my neighbors. They have consistently saved me money every year. I just paid them yesterday for this service.

Angelo R.

Great firm! Highly recommended!

Joseph M.

Excellent company!

William L.

I’ve been with Maidenbaum for over 15 years. Keep up the good work. Now that property prices have dropped it should be finally in our favor again.

John C.

I trust Maidenbaum to reassess my property taxes every year. Thank you!

Eloisa M.

I have been using this company for over 20 years!! I recommend them to all of my clients…?

Catherine C.

Maidenbaum is a great company. They helped me reduce my taxes on my house!”

Jessica H.

You have done a great job for us over the years lowering our assessment.

Mary G.

Maidenbaum has saved me a tremendous amount …. I’m a big fan and give out their number to all my buyers and sellers!!

Avi D.

I have used Maidenbaum for about 10 years now and I received reductions probably 5 out of the 10 years including the last 3 in a row. I recommend them highly.

Rick E.

First time I’m using them. I got good recommendations about them. I grieve my taxes myself every year. Not this time. I decided that I’d use Maidenbaum. Now it’s time for the Big Guns.

Marie B.

The best service in town!!! Thank you.

Tim P.

Have been using Maidenbaum for years and love the service we get from them. Ask for Carol when you call, she is wonderful to deal with. All of the staff is terrific, but Carol is particularly helpful.

Anne K.

I have hired Maidenbaum for many years. They always have done right by me and have saved me thousands. I highly recommend them.

Douglas A.

They’re the best Mine lowered each year. This time they said don’t fight it as it’s as low as it could be right now. I listen as I said they’re terrific!

Dave T.

We have had Maidenbaum successfully grieve our taxes many, many times. You have nothing to lose!

Patsy P.


- Joseph M.

You guys are the best!

- Ray O.

I thank Maidenbaum & yourself with helping me. The average person will not be able to for the most part get things right. Especially the older person ‘like me.’ Professionals know the ins & outs. I leave it to them. Once again THANK YOU.

- Jim A.

I thank God every day that we have you to help us with our tax grievances.

- Michael P.

Thank you very much as always for your caring, efficiency and positive results. You are a wonderful company comprised of great people. Thanks again!!!

- David W.

This is very helpful and because of your transparency I want you to know that we have retained your services once again.

- Guti

Thank you both for your expertise/professionalism.

- Zenaida R.

I greatly appreciate you getting back to me. My issue with [competitor info removed] is they have never responded to me regarding the status. I just keep getting generic automated emails to sign up with them again. Would you resign when nobody can even tell you hey we are working on it? I want to give you guys a shot. Your email to me is more than I have gotten from them in 2 years. And you being very honest about the length of the process, telling me you will update me quarterly and not taking down [competitor info removed] in the process says a lot. So thank you again. And please just keep me updated. That’s all I ask.

- Claudine T.

Too often people go unrecognized for the great work they do…I thank you for taking on the burden of fighting the battle.

- Michael P.

Thank you for getting back to me. I am very pleased with the outcome!

– Maureen D.

Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate all of your help!

– Patrick G.

Best regard to everyone in your office that made my tax cut possible.

– Costas M.

You rock, thanks for the quick response!

- Michael C.

I appreciate your prompt response, in addition to the excellent follow-up!

– Lisa G.

Keep up the good work! It’s great customer service that we should all strive to achieve!

– Rob T.

I am writing to inform you of the wonderful and informative service I have received. As a result of my experience, I have referred numerous friends to you.

- Esmeralda R.

I recently had your company grieve some property taxes of mine. I wanted to tell you how happy I was that your team was not only successful, they were a pleasure to deal with.

– Jeannine R.

I want to tell you how impressed I am that an actual person picks up the phone when I call. It’s refreshing to talk to a live person and not get caught up in a voice mail system. Please don’t ever change that! In a world where people are so quick to complain and many times you get an attitude from an employee, I felt it was important to tell you how professional and pleasant your staff was to me.

– Theresa O.

Thank you for explaining my recent bill, you are always patient and explain the whole process very well. I recently referred a colleague.

– Wayne Z.

I use this opportunity to say thanks.  This is much appreciated and you can be sure I will continue to use your services.

– Joseph L.

I appreciate your kindness and honesty.

– Margarita G.

Keep up the good work! Thank you for all your help and success!

– Patrick & Cathy K.

We tell everybody about you. We run into a lot of people who already use you. We appreciate you. Keep on doing a great job.

– Trudy P.