COVID-19 Pandemic – How You Can Help

The suffering inflicted on Nassau County by the COVID-19 pandemic has been severe, and medical experts tell us that we are not “out of the woods” just yet. That’s why, as the State and County continue to carefully open up, it’s important for every resident to continue to respect and adhere to the guidelines put in place by medical experts, specifically those that relate to social distancing and common-sense personal hygiene practices. The more we, as a community, observe these guidelines, the earlier that life here will return to some semblance of normalcy. Hopefully, we can prevent a second wave of the virus this Fall.

In the meantime, we at Maidenbaum take pride in giving back to our community. We’d like to use this opportunity to tell you how you can show your support, monetarily or otherwise, to some worthy organizations active in Nassau County who’ve helped – and continue to help – residents cope during this unprecedented public health emergency.

Donate to Island Harvest

Island Harvest is a worthy organization that’s been helping Long Islanders in need of food since 1992. Due to the unprecedented economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for its services has never been greater, so any donations would be especially appreciated right now. Just $25 will support a family meal kit, providing food for a family of 4 for 3-4 days; you can also donate food or volunteer your time; learn more at:

Give to the United Way’s “United Together” Fund

Lower-wage workers in Nassau County – especially in the retail and accommodation sectors – have been hit hard by the pandemic. While recent federal stimulus action has moved some money into their pockets, it’s clear that many individuals and families will need ongoing help to cope with the continuing economic damage caused by the pandemic. The United Way of Long Island has established a Response Fund For COVID-19 to aid these people; you can make a donation here:

Give to the South Shore Community Chest

The South Shore Community Chest – an 85-year old charitable organization –is providing aid for neighbors in the Five Towns who’ve been negatively impacted by COVID-19. To learn about receiving such assistance and aid yourself, send an email to NIN@GuralJCC.or or If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to help this worthy community organization, please use the donation page at:

Donate Blood to the NY Blood Center

Under normal circumstances, blood drives hosted by schools, organizations, and businesses yield enough healthy blood to keep Nassau County’s blood supply at safe levels. Unfortunately, these drives have all been disrupted by the pandemic, endangering the blood supply at a time when Nassau County’s network of hospitals have begun resuming elective surgeries. If you’re healthy and can donate blood, contact the New York Blood Center, a community-based non-profit with numerous locations in Nassau County, including Lake Success, Massapequa, and Rockville Center.

Donate Convalescent Plasma to the Red Cross

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 and have fully recovered from the disease, the antibodies in your blood plasma may be able to help current COVID-19 patients. The Red Cross is seeking donors of such plasma; to determine whether you’re eligible to donate, fill out the form at:

Give Yourself a Mental Health Break

If you’re feeling stressed, cooped-up, frustrated, angry, anxious or depressed these days, it’s important to know that you’re not alone, and there are resources and good people out there that can help. New York State has a toll-free mental health hotline number at: 1-844-863-9314. Additionally, the State has partnered with Headspace, a developer of apps designed to promote mindfulness — an important tool for dealing with stressful situations. For health care workers and front-line workers needing help coping with stress, New York State has partnered with the Kate Spade Foundation and Crisis Text Line to provide mental health support. Text NYFRONTLINE to 741-741 to get help.

Give Thanks

While the losses inflicted by this pandemic have been devastating, the toll could have been far worse had it not been for all the local heroes here in Nassau County – including medical workers, first-responders, and essential workers in both the public and private sectors — who’ve worked tirelessly to help our communities through this terrible, stressful time. Give thanks to these noble souls however you can, both in terms of how you interact with them and in working to give whatever support they need to do their jobs. Because even though Nassau County is not yet “out of the woods,” they’re the good people who are clearing the way for all of us to make our way there.

Your friends at Maidenbaum wish you and your family the best during this daunting time and look forward to better – and healthier –days ahead.