Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) in Nassau County

SCAR (Small Claims Assessment Review) hearings provide homeowners an opportunity to challenge their property tax assessments in Court.

A SCAR petition may be filed by any property owner who:

  1. Is aggrieved by an assessment;
  2. Owns and occupies a one-, two-, or three-family residence that is used exclusively for residential purposes or owns an unimproved lot that is of insufficient size to contain a one-, two-, or three-family residential structure; and
  3. Has filed a grievance with Nassau County’s Assessment Review Commission (ARC).

At SCAR the burden is on the homeowner (or on the homeowner’s representative) to prove their assessment is unequal or excessive.

This is where having a “pro” in your corner can help. Maidenbaum has a long history of challenging unequal or excessive assessments at SCAR hearings. There is no fee, other than a $30 filing fee, unless Maidenbaum receives a reduction in your assessment.